Back on 90´s

// Juli 7th, 2012 // No Limit

During my Training yesterday (6th July) I had a wonderful warm up. I´ve been down at 13m enjoying the BLUE and then I resurfaced after a dive time of 3:20min.

Before I went to a greater Depth I did 50m / 60m and a 70m. Always charged the mouthfill at around 10m.

Then Marco set the Line on around 90m Depth. I was so looking for that Dive. Since 91m is my personal best I was wondering how it would feel like. It´s 3 Years ago since I was down to that Depth.

On the Dive I felt very relaxed. I charged the mouthfill when I heared the alarm at 20m and then I just … enjoyed the ride… :-)

Then I hit the Bottom…91m and it felt wonderful. Even thou a bit air left in my mouth. But still I know that I have to work on my Mouthfill Technique. I need to get more air for equalisation.

They way back was very fast. It was a nice ride.

In the evening I enjoyed a Burger at Il Mercado and went to bed.It was sooo good. At 1:30 am I woke up very thursty. Well, I use to sleep without aircon and I was very hot in my room.

Of course I forgot to buy some water… so I put my clothes on and went to the super market to get some Water. I felt so sleepy :-) Then finaly I rehydrated myself and found some sleep again.

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