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The Journey begins…

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It´s quite some time ago since I wrote something. Recently many Things happend and I feel that it is time for a new Project.

Now I´m back with a mission. 13 Years ago Benjamin Franz set a german record in the freediving disciplin NO LIMIT with a depth of 100m in Safaga / Egypt.

My journey takes me to a four week final training with the goal to dive deeper than 100m and finaly make the german record in NO LIMIT.

Tomorow I fly to Safaga and prepare myself in the Robinson Club Soma Bay. The final training  and the record attempt is in Sharm el Sheikh with ONLY ONE APNEA ACADEMY.

It´s gonna be a Charity-Record-Attempt. I´m searching for companys who whant to support the SHARKPROJECT and donate a certain amount of money for each record meter. If you want to be part of that journey and take the chance to support the SHARKPROJECT you can contact me.  As special thanks you will get a poster of this event.

Special Thanks to my main sponsors CAMP DAVID and ROBINSON CLUB Soma Bay!!! Without you all this would not be possible.

Take the chance and follow me on my journey by reading this BLOG. I try to keep you updated every second day.

Charity Record Attempt Video

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The Clip about the record attempt is ONLINE!!!
Thanks for the support!!!