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Military 22 Pushup Challenge UNDERWATER

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Back to Origin – New World Record 112m in Skandalopetra

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Target Depth 111m

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Yesterday (13th July) when I went into the water for Training I thought well, let´s do it anyways. My ears were not 100% clear but equalisation was okay I would say.

During my warm up dives on the line I did some 3 Minute Dives and they felt relaxing. On the other rope William Winram just finished his Training and we had a small chat.

As usual the sled diving started with 60m then 80m. On the first 80m I did a mistake with my mouthfill. Well I managed to do the 80m but the equalisation  way was crap.So I did the 80m Dive again and all worked fine.

Then there was the Time for my new Target Depth. I went on the sled, put on my lanyard…the googles…the noseclip. Marco started the 2 min. countdown and I started my breath up. After my last breath I gave Marco the signal the release the sled and I went into the BIG Blue Abyss. In 20m my computer gave me the signal for charging the mouthfill. I really enjoyed the ride and Moments after I was at a Depth of 111m. I opend my eyes and it was dark…dark Blue. I gave a OK signal in the camera and opend the valve so my ballon was getting inflated. The Visibility was good and I saw the bottom of the ocean for some precious moments. In 20m I realesed the sled and went on my own to the surface. I was sooo happy. Then I grabed the oxygen and did a couple of minutes decompression just for safety reasons. I was wondering where my girl was? She saw a shark and went back to shore and waited there for me :-) Later she identifyed it as a nice little whale shark about 5m Big.Now she knows that this kind of shark eats just plankton.

It was a very nice Training.After connection the computer to my laptop it even sayed 112,1m :-). The Record Attempt is scheduled for the 20th July

Day Off

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On the 12th July my coaches put me on a day off. Well, after three days of deep diving they are right. But I´m not very good in having days off.

The most of the day we spend in the hotel laying in the sun close to the beach or in our room watching movies. I must say it was very relaxing and I got some energy back.

After each day of deep diving the Depth takes some of my energy and in the evening I feel quite tired. That must be the price for taking a small look into the Blue Abyss :-)

Freedive Training at Robinson Club Soma Bay

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I just came from the Robinson Club Soma Bay a few days ago.
We had a great time there. Thanks to Matze and his team.
Congratulations to my students. You all did very well.

Charity Record Attempt Video

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The Clip about the record attempt is ONLINE!!!
Thanks for the support!!!

National Record, Personal Bests and 10 Years of Freediving

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I wasn´t able to write the last days. So many things happend. Where shall I start…


A few days before the record attempt I tryed for a new personal best in constant weight.Last year I was diving 78m in that disziplin and after a day off rest (I had breakfast with girl in Hilton)I felt strong to try for 80m.The warm up FRC´s felt so good…I went down to 36m on halt full lung very easy.The Bloodshift felt so good.Then we set the robe. On the dive I felt very calm. The falling part was the best. My ears worked as they should and I reached the bottom weight and bend my arm to getas much depth as possible.The way back up felt good…I was clear at the surface.Then suddenly I was very happy to archive a 84m dive in Constant Weight. I´ve never been that deep.


I felt quite nervous the day before the attempt. I tryed for 75m dive and I made it very easy. On the day before the record attempt my girl and me felt of the motorbike and we got some scars. Of course I got mine on my foot. It burned a lot.Now I was even more nervous and not sure if I could reach my goal. All my confidence as gone.On the record day was okay. I coverd the scar with some vaseline so the pain was aceptable.The warm up dive was very good and all the setup was made ready for me try. The judes Linda and Katya, the camera man Leif and saftey Marek and Flavia were in positon.4 Minutes until official TOP.I did my last breathes and made my way down into the blue abyss.It was very nice…no problems with ears, good bloodshift and pure calmness. Thats how a dive should be.On the bottom weight I was searching for the TAG and after a few second I found it on the BOTTOM PLATE :-)The way up was easy. Back on surface I performed a perfect surface protocol and the I had THE RECORD.Exactly one year since the last record.I was very happy that you could kiss my girl again.

I´m very proud that this CHARITY DIVE raised almost 2000 Euro to Foundation witch support mine victimes all over the world.


The day after the record attempt we went to sharm to try the sled.10 years ago I was watching the BIG BLUE with eyes wide open and impressed by those pictures.Now 10 Years late I could give the sled diving a first try.On the first dive I went with Linda and she showed me how everything works. We managed a 40m dive.A few dives later Marek and me went together down to 80m. We were in the middle of a tuna swarm. It was very nice.I realised that I still had no contractions. So I was asking for a 90m Dive. The rope was set and I did my breath up.3,2,1 and the sled went into the abyss. It was freediving FORMULA 1. The light went darker with every meter.Then the bottom. I was looking on my watch and saw 88m. The I was climbing down the sled and did some bending.I finaly had 91m on my watch. Then I startet to infalte the ballon. The way up was really fast and nice.Adrenalin was all over my body. Back at the surface I still had no contractions but we stopped diving.The risk of DCS was to big.Afterwards I realised that I was 30 seconds between 88m and 91m.

I never experienced that much in such a few days during my whole freediving carrer.

Crossing the Arch

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Yesterday was a great day.

In the morning I got promoted at my job :-)

And then we went into the water for a special experience.

Mark rented a DIVEx Scooter for crossing the arch.

After a few warmups he did his try and finaliy he did the arch.

Next was Marek…a warmup to 43m and the CROSSING the Arch!!!

In the end I made a try for the Arch as well and I DID IT :-)

The dive was great….It went down to 62m and then I saw it…thousands of small fishes were into the cave and the light was beautiful.

During the whole dive I did´nt even had contractions. The divetime was 2:20 min.

A perfect day!

Step back

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Todays training did´nt went as good as I thought. The currant was strange, so the bouy was always to close to the reef. The line was not going strait down….all that freaked me out a little bit.

In the end I managed to do a 71m dive in a very good divetime of 2:11 min.

Afterwards german Dennis and me did some filming witch was very nice.

Tomorow day off again.

Constant Weight – Feeling

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Since my girl is here – everything is fine.

The last two days I manged a 75m Constant Weight dive in 2:30 min. and a 77m Dive in 2:24 min. I felt very good an that dives but today I need to have a day off.

I really feel that the depth is taking my power.