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Two Days Off

// Juli 25th, 2012 // Kommentare deaktiviert für Two Days Off // No Limit

During my two Days Off (18th and 19th July) my Friend Matze Blaul came all the Way from the Robinson Club Soma Bay to support my during my Record Attempt.

On the 19th we drove to Dahab and enjoyed Breakfast there. Afterwards we rented Motorbikes and made our Way to the Blue Hole and enjoyed some Freediving there. We made the Trip from the Bells.

In the evening we made our Way back to Sharm el Sheikh with the Motorbike. After 30km the engine stopped and we were stuck in the middle of the Sinai Mountains. After some waiting, waiting…then talking with the police and the owner of the bike he send someone with spare parts and a other bike.

In total we waited just like two hours in the Desert. If it would´nt been the last day before the record attempt it would have been more funny.

Back in Sharm we were quite tired and I went to bed very early to bed relaxed for the record attempt on the next day.

Day Off in Dahab

// Juli 9th, 2012 // Kommentare deaktiviert für Day Off in Dahab // No Limit

I spent my Day Off (8th July) in Dahab to see some friends, make my laundry and fix some Things in my House in Dahab. The Aircon in the living room needed to get some gas refilled and some parts of the water pump needed to be changed.

It was a very relaxed Day where I had the chance to try a Enduro Motorbike in the Evening. Later on I had Dinner with Lotta, her Brother Alex and Memo, a freediver from Turkey.

But now I was lazy enough…I need to get back into the BLUE! :-)