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Videos about the 110m NO LIMIT Record Attempt

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Official Video Clip

Here I present you Rodolfo Robatti´s Video of the 110m NO LIMIT Record Attempt. Enjoy!!!

Good Bye Soma Bay

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On the 1st July I had my last day in the lovely Robinson Club Soma Bay.

I basicly spend the whole day packing my diving gear and the stuff in my room. At noon we did some more photo shots. We planed to do one last pool session but we skipped it because there was no time. We had a meeting with the general manager of the club.

Then I sayed good bye to everyone who supported me so much.

Thank you all for that very nice time! Thanks Matze you did so well these days! Keep on Training!

At 18:00 I left the Club and headed towards the airport.

The flight to sharm was sooo quick. just 30 min :-)

When I arrived at the airport I not feeling like going into a hotel. So I decided to visit Dahab. After I arrived there I met Lotta Ericson and her Brother. We were watching the finals of the EM Football Game. After that we went to pharmacy to Get some eardrops because my ears were itching. Then I went to bed to be rested for the upcoming Day.

Last Training in Soma Bay

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30th June 2012

At 9:30am we´ve got picked up with our freediving gear for a final training at ABU SOMA GARDEN. It was Matze, Birga and me. Since there was a strong wind we had to deal with a choppy sea. After a few warm up dives Matze managed to go down to 32m. Another Personal Best for him! Yeahh!!! Birga focused on relaxed dives and I was able to do some FRC´s down to 32m. On those dives I focused on Equalisation.

In the evening made another „on land shot“ for a promotional movie.

Afterwards Matze and I did some CO2 Tables in the pool. I started with intervalls of 3:20 min. breathhold time. Then Matze did his intervalls with 1:45min. In the end Matze was so relaxed and so he decided to do a max. Static attempt. He reached 4:03 min. Another Personal Best for him. Now I´m gonna pack my gear since I´m almost ready to fly to Sharm el Sheikh to ONLY ONE APNEA.

Day Trip

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Yesterday (29th June) we met early to start our day trip with two famous dive sites. First ABU KAFAN and then SALEM EXPRESS.

It was a bit windy for proper freediving but after we reached ABU KAFAN the conditons were good.

I always wanted to become one with the ocean. No suit, no fins – nothing but me.

Recently I´ve heared about SKANDALOPETRA Diving. A ancient way of freediving.

Here you dive down with a stone with a weight of 8 – 12 kg. The stone is connected with a line leading back to the surface. The buddy is pulling the diver back to surface after reaching his depth.

There I was. Just me and my beloved sea. A man, a stone and the sea.

The first dive was down to 30m to check if everything working fine. It was superb!

Another dive to 30m to make sure everything is okay and then I prepared myself to go down to 60m on SKANDALOPETRA.

The sea was calm and I was deeply relaxed. One last breath and I went down into the blue abyss. My heartbeat was strong and slow. I felt the connection with the sea. Down at 60m I could see the bottom of the reef at around 85m. I pulled the line and the lift went up.I had two safety divers down there. One was Birga with her new Rebreather, the other one was Nik, the underwater filmer.

They were pulling fast. The whole dive was 1:47 sec. and I had no contractions at all. Thanks to the whole crew of the Boat „Toshka“ for supporting.

After lunch we made our way to the famous wreck of the SALEM EXPRESS for some underwater shot. The visibility was great but we had a bit currant.

It was amazing to dive this wreck!

After one hour of filming underwater we had some awesome clips and I had another beautiful memory.


Dolphin Dreams

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I´ve always dreamed of being in the water with wild dolphins. Its a wish that is so deep in my heart and mind.

On the 28th June went into the water for a normal training. My aim was to do lot´s of FRC´s down to 31m. The sea was quite choppy caused by a strong wind.

My dives to 30m in FRC were all great. My Lungs are adapting as planed. And I felt very well. Matze even managed to do a personal best with 31,6m and he was happy as hell. What a day!

Then one of us sayed that he might heared dolphins down there. Yeah, right- Dolphins. I was not beliving it. Then I want down for another dive and there they were….klickings and whistles. I got so exited :-)

After surfacing we saw boats and they told us: „DOLPHINS, DOPHINGS“. My heartbeat rised imidiatly. Then I saw them right next to us close by our bouy on the surface. They were jumping! I doved down and then my dream came true. I was underwater with dolphins. It was like a rush. The sounds the pictures… I will never forget them.

Then they disapeared and we were looking for them. While we did that a GIANT Sailfish just crossed our way next to our bouy. I´ve been told that they are more rare than dolphins. What a incredible freediving session.

A personal best of my buddy, dolphins and a sailfish – all that in like 20 min of time.

This day I will always remember – It was unforgetable!

Freediving Workshop

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The last few days I was very busy so I had barly time to writhe.

Let´s start with the 25th of June… That day started at 4 o clock in the morning. Nik and his girlfriend did some sunrise shots for the movie about the upcoming event.

It was a beautiful sunrise. Later on Matze and I joined the diving boat to do some freediving at TOBIA ARBA. We had some very beautiful dives. At the end of the session we tested the freediving resuce vest I got from Sven Penszuk. It was so much fun. We went to 23m and inflated the vest for like 2-3 sec and then we just shot back to surface.

In the evening we did some CO2 Tables. Matze did the Table with 1:35 min and I did the table with 3:10. I still felt comfortable after and the contractions came late.

On the 26th June my Freediving Workshop for the guests of Robinson Club stared.

I had six students. We met at 9:00 am to start with the theorie session. After that I took them into the pool area to teach the breathing and the static freediving.

All my students were very good! They increased their ability to hold their breath by atleast 50%. One of my students increased 400%.

In the evening we had a really nice Sunset Tour.

The next day (27th June) started again with a theory lesson. Afterwards we went to the house reef and my students could do their first open water experience. After we worked on technique,equalisation and relaxsation all of them reached the wreck in a depth of 7m.

All were were happy and had lunch.

After lunchtime we drove with the Boat to ABU SOMA GARDEN for some „blue water experience“. I set the line to 10m and again we doved into the blue.

Thanks to all my students! You did very well.

In the evening Matze and I did another CO2 Table. Matze did a interval with 1:40 and I could manage a interval with 3:15. On the last row I really felt the contractions coming hard and quite early. Well, 15 sec. recovery is not so much I guess.

Underwater Filming

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Here is my report about yesterday.

Yesterday morning I fixed the innertube of the freediving bouy.

At 12:00 we met with Nik the Underwater Filmer for the first underwater shots at ABU SOMA. The aim was to film a underwater meditation scene.

It took us some time since it was quite difficult the find the right bouyance and position without using a mask.

In the end we got some useable scenes :-)

Right after the shot Matze and I went to the pool to do some static apnea tables.

It was a superb relaxed session. I did 3:00 min breathholds starting with 2:00 breathing. In the end I only had 15 sec. inbetween the 3:00 min breathholds.

It was nice and I barely had contractions.

The first Day

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After a pleasent flight I arrived in Hurghada quite late. I told the driver to chop chop so I could watch the second half of german game against greece. Just on time when the first goal for germany I arrived at the rezeption.

Sorry Greece :-)

In the morning planed the upcoming week with Matze, the Diving Base Leader and Nik, the Underwater Filmer.

It´s a nice schedule…FRC Training, Freediving Workshop and Underwater Filming at various places.

In the afternoon did my first training with Matze and Birga (Rebreather Specialist from ORCA DIVE) at the diving spot ABU SOMA. The visibility was great and we had good fun underwater. My aim for this training was to get back into the depth, doing FRC Dives down to 21m and getting used to my new Trygon Fluid Googles.

In the evening we had oriental dinner followed by a shisha and watching football.


The Journey begins…

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It´s quite some time ago since I wrote something. Recently many Things happend and I feel that it is time for a new Project.

Now I´m back with a mission. 13 Years ago Benjamin Franz set a german record in the freediving disciplin NO LIMIT with a depth of 100m in Safaga / Egypt.

My journey takes me to a four week final training with the goal to dive deeper than 100m and finaly make the german record in NO LIMIT.

Tomorow I fly to Safaga and prepare myself in the Robinson Club Soma Bay. The final training  and the record attempt is in Sharm el Sheikh with ONLY ONE APNEA ACADEMY.

It´s gonna be a Charity-Record-Attempt. I´m searching for companys who whant to support the SHARKPROJECT and donate a certain amount of money for each record meter. If you want to be part of that journey and take the chance to support the SHARKPROJECT you can contact me.  As special thanks you will get a poster of this event.

Special Thanks to my main sponsors CAMP DAVID and ROBINSON CLUB Soma Bay!!! Without you all this would not be possible.

Take the chance and follow me on my journey by reading this BLOG. I try to keep you updated every second day.

Freedive Training at Robinson Club Soma Bay

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I just came from the Robinson Club Soma Bay a few days ago.
We had a great time there. Thanks to Matze and his team.
Congratulations to my students. You all did very well.