Dolphin Dreams

// Juni 30th, 2012 // No Limit

I´ve always dreamed of being in the water with wild dolphins. Its a wish that is so deep in my heart and mind.

On the 28th June went into the water for a normal training. My aim was to do lot´s of FRC´s down to 31m. The sea was quite choppy caused by a strong wind.

My dives to 30m in FRC were all great. My Lungs are adapting as planed. And I felt very well. Matze even managed to do a personal best with 31,6m and he was happy as hell. What a day!

Then one of us sayed that he might heared dolphins down there. Yeah, right- Dolphins. I was not beliving it. Then I want down for another dive and there they were….klickings and whistles. I got so exited :-)

After surfacing we saw boats and they told us: „DOLPHINS, DOPHINGS“. My heartbeat rised imidiatly. Then I saw them right next to us close by our bouy on the surface. They were jumping! I doved down and then my dream came true. I was underwater with dolphins. It was like a rush. The sounds the pictures… I will never forget them.

Then they disapeared and we were looking for them. While we did that a GIANT Sailfish just crossed our way next to our bouy. I´ve been told that they are more rare than dolphins. What a incredible freediving session.

A personal best of my buddy, dolphins and a sailfish – all that in like 20 min of time.

This day I will always remember – It was unforgetable!

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