Equalisation Work

// Juli 11th, 2012 // No Limit

On the 10th July around 13:00 I picked up my girl from the airport. Finally she is here and supports me during my training. I really missed her!

Today my coaches decided to work on my equalisation skills insteed of going for another deep dive.

We did one 60m Dive and two 80m with the mouthfill charge in 10m Depth. All Dives felt good but on my first 80m I didn´t heared the alarm so I guess the charge was done deeper than 10m Depth.

It is so strange…down at 100m I have less air even thouh I charged my mouth around 25m Depth. And in 80m Depth I have air left and I charged it in only 10m Depth.

During my saftey deco at 6m with 100% my girl showed me two big barracudas.

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