First Day in Sharm

// Juli 3rd, 2012 // No Limit

On my first day in Sharm (2nd July) I arrived at ONLY ONE APNEA CENTER and I was welcomed by Andrea and Chiara. I´ve been introduced to the Diving Center and prepared myself for the first Training Session.

We went into the Water and Andrea set the rope to 40m. On the platform I encountred with a huge barracuda. Andrea sayed she is our friend. her name is „Luda“.

On the warm up I should focus to surface at the first contraction. I managed to do 13 m dives with a divetime of 2:32 min. After that I should do the mouthfill at 8m and descent with that amount of air without refilling.

Down at 40m I had air left but not as much. After my 4th dive down to 40m I improved my mouthfill a lot and I had a bigger amount of air down at 40m.

I really lerned a lot and improved my mouthfill skills alot. Never focused a lot on that so much :-) But I am happy to improve my skills.

Back at the hotel I went a bit in sharm. This area where I am is quite boring. Not much people around. Back at my room I went to bed.

The pain in my ear got me up at 3am in the morning. It was hell. After some ear drops and a pain killer I finaly got some sleep again. I hope that my middle ear gets better quickly.

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