First Training Session

// Juli 18th, 2009 // General

It was very hot night and I woke up a few times to drink. I think I really should get a aircon.

At 9am Marek and me went to Blue Hole for deepdive training.

The sea was calm and very nice.

On my first warm up dive my right ear got stuck and I thought that I could´nt go deep today.

After the second dive it was fine and I prepared myself to the first BIG dive.

I felt quite calm and my body felt very good while falling down.

A few seconds after I stoped kicking I already heard the depth alarm. It was set on 55m… I kept on falling down.

The way back felt easy and when I saw Marek I was surprised that I did´nt even had contractions.

Result of that dive 63m in 2:10 min. Pretty Good for the first dive.

In the afternoon we went into the south of dahab for some fishing. I did´nt caught a fish but it was very relaxing :-) Now my fingers smell like the bait.

Now I´m sitting here in El Salam Restaurant and I wait for my girlfriend calling me on skype.

Tomorow we go to Blue Hole again to for a training session. I hope my ears will take me down to 65m tomorow.

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