Good Bye Soma Bay

// Juli 3rd, 2012 // No Limit

On the 1st July I had my last day in the lovely Robinson Club Soma Bay.

I basicly spend the whole day packing my diving gear and the stuff in my room. At noon we did some more photo shots. We planed to do one last pool session but we skipped it because there was no time. We had a meeting with the general manager of the club.

Then I sayed good bye to everyone who supported me so much.

Thank you all for that very nice time! Thanks Matze you did so well these days! Keep on Training!

At 18:00 I left the Club and headed towards the airport.

The flight to sharm was sooo quick. just 30 min :-)

When I arrived at the airport I not feeling like going into a hotel. So I decided to visit Dahab. After I arrived there I met Lotta Ericson and her Brother. We were watching the finals of the EM Football Game. After that we went to pharmacy to Get some eardrops because my ears were itching. Then I went to bed to be rested for the upcoming Day.

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