I missed the Sailfish

// Juli 3rd, 2012 // No Limit

When I woke up in the morning (3rd July) my pain in my middle ear was as good as gone. I had breakfast and then I drove to the center.When I came in Andrea did some maintainance on the diving sled.

My training started with a „dry session“. They call it a mouthfill workshop. Andrea explaned me all the organs in my head which are involved during equalisation with the mouthfill technique. Again I learned a lot and I got a better understanding of this method. We did some exercised to make sure I can move all the organs in order to keep the mouthfill and use them properly. It was amazing! Before I simply did what I thought was right. Now I wondering how I could reach 91m without knowing all this stuff before. Now I´m able to improve the amount of air even more.

On the water session I did the same warmup as yesterday and I managed to do a dive almost 3min long with only one contraction. After that I did a 40m dive with a full mouthfill around 8m. I had more air left down there :-) Then Andrea lowered the rope to 50m and I doved down the same way. Again I had air left down at 52m. On my 3rd dive down to 50m Andrea told me to refill my mouth at a depth of 25m to see if I can manage to do a proper refill at this depth. Well, I could refill even deeper. On my way back from this dive I missed a sailfish of 2,5m length…shit. I should use my fluid googles and keep my eyes open. That would have been my 2nd sailfish within a few days. It´s incredible how beautiful the red sea is those days. In the evening I met my friend Sameh from Dahab who is lifing in my house there. It was nice to see him. We had dinner at a delicous sea food place in Sharm.


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