Ice Hockey „on the rocks“

// März 7th, 2009 // General

Since I´ve started freediving many years ago I had many nice moments underwater and I thought I saw almost everything….I was so wrong!

During the BOOT Show 2009 my buddy and me was invited to join the 3rd Underwater Ice Hockey Woldchampionships. The event was organised by Christian Redl.It was quite less time to find sponsors and we had no time to train. On wednesday night we left to play for our country.

After a 14 hours drive across germany and austria we finaly arrived at lake „weissensee“.

It is a wonderful lake but when we arrived the conditions were quite bad – foggy, wet and snowing.

Underwater it was pitch black.

It was a very interesting experience to dive under the ice.

After a few adapation dives and a few games we were in the final games against austria.

It was a hard fight against the vice worldchampion from last year and in the end austria won the match with 1 point in advance

…Final Result: Austria 10 – Germany 9…

Well, now germany is the proud vice worldchampion in underwater ice hockey and very motivated to win on the next worldchampionsships.




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