Last Training before Attempt

// Juli 18th, 2012 // No Limit

During my Last Training on the 17th July I was very focused. This Training was very important to me because I needed to know that I´m confident enough to go on my target depth for the record attempt. Again warum up was good and I did hangs with a dive time of 3:44 min.

I was a bit afraid my ears would not work with me but they were fine during the first two sled dives.

Then I went down for the 110m. Position, Relaxation and Equalisation all were good. Down at 110m I enjoyed the look at the bottom for a few seconds and then I inflated the ballon.

The Last Training went Perfect! And I have two days off before the record attempt.

Tomorow Matze from Robinson Club will arrive to support me on the attempt.

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