Last Training in Soma Bay

// Juli 1st, 2012 // No Limit

30th June 2012

At 9:30am we´ve got picked up with our freediving gear for a final training at ABU SOMA GARDEN. It was Matze, Birga and me. Since there was a strong wind we had to deal with a choppy sea. After a few warm up dives Matze managed to go down to 32m. Another Personal Best for him! Yeahh!!! Birga focused on relaxed dives and I was able to do some FRC´s down to 32m. On those dives I focused on Equalisation.

In the evening made another „on land shot“ for a promotional movie.

Afterwards Matze and I did some CO2 Tables in the pool. I started with intervalls of 3:20 min. breathhold time. Then Matze did his intervalls with 1:45min. In the end Matze was so relaxed and so he decided to do a max. Static attempt. He reached 4:03 min. Another Personal Best for him. Now I´m gonna pack my gear since I´m almost ready to fly to Sharm el Sheikh to ONLY ONE APNEA.

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