Operation 72

// Juli 17th, 2009 // General

It’s time again.

The call of the BIG BLUE.

Yesterday I arrived in Dahab to train for a new german record in constant weight freediving.

My aim this time: 72m

Since this record attempt is for Charity my Sponsors paying money for each Record Meter to a foundation who supportng explosive and mine victimes.

After my plane arrived in Sharm el Sheikh I saw my friend Mohammed @Faster at the airport…he took me on his taxi to dahab.

One hour later I arrived at my house and got a welcome lunch by the people who use to life in the house. It was very nice.

Today I went to Lighhouse Bay by myself for a few shallow dives. I was back…back into my beloved sea. Even a octopus came by to say hello :-) Later its time for some serious training!

It seems to be a nice hot day in dahab!

PS: Steffi my love – I miss you…hope you will be here very soon!

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