// Juli 6th, 2012 // No Limit

As usual my day (5th July) started quite similar as on the other days. Waking up at 8:30 am, having breakfast, reading my book and finaly go to the divecenter.

As usualy I was early so I took the chance to have a chat with the other guys. Those days the egyptian freediving record holder Ashod Papazian is around for some vacation and training. I did´nt saw him since years. After the chatting I started my stretching session with some breathing exercises.

Then I prepared myself for going into the water. Andrea prepared the sled and then I did my warm up dives. On the last dive I felt extra relaxed and I managed to do 3:17 min resurfacing after the first contraction.

Back on the sled the programm was one dive to 40m then to 50m then to 60m seeing how much air is left for equalisation. Andrea did a 80m Dive inbetween.Afterwards I should go for the 80m but my left ear blocked. So I pushed the brake and resurfaced. A couple of minutes later I tryed again.

On that dive I went down to 81m and it felt very nice and easy. The color of the depth is getting more and more dark blue. I like it!

After my dive Andrea went to 103m charging his mouthfill in 35m. It was of course nice and easy for him.

In the evening went to bed quite early :-)

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