Target Depth 111m

// Juli 14th, 2012 // General

Yesterday (13th July) when I went into the water for Training I thought well, let´s do it anyways. My ears were not 100% clear but equalisation was okay I would say.

During my warm up dives on the line I did some 3 Minute Dives and they felt relaxing. On the other rope William Winram just finished his Training and we had a small chat.

As usual the sled diving started with 60m then 80m. On the first 80m I did a mistake with my mouthfill. Well I managed to do the 80m but the equalisation  way was crap.So I did the 80m Dive again and all worked fine.

Then there was the Time for my new Target Depth. I went on the sled, put on my lanyard…the googles…the noseclip. Marco started the 2 min. countdown and I started my breath up. After my last breath I gave Marco the signal the release the sled and I went into the BIG Blue Abyss. In 20m my computer gave me the signal for charging the mouthfill. I really enjoyed the ride and Moments after I was at a Depth of 111m. I opend my eyes and it was dark…dark Blue. I gave a OK signal in the camera and opend the valve so my ballon was getting inflated. The Visibility was good and I saw the bottom of the ocean for some precious moments. In 20m I realesed the sled and went on my own to the surface. I was sooo happy. Then I grabed the oxygen and did a couple of minutes decompression just for safety reasons. I was wondering where my girl was? She saw a shark and went back to shore and waited there for me :-) Later she identifyed it as a nice little whale shark about 5m Big.Now she knows that this kind of shark eats just plankton.

It was a very nice Training.After connection the computer to my laptop it even sayed 112,1m :-). The Record Attempt is scheduled for the 20th July

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