Target Depth

// Juli 27th, 2007 // General

Yesterday I reached my Target Depth of 72m. The Dive was quite easy but I had to stop at 15m in cause of equalisation problems. This took almost 7 seconds. But then I kept on falling and it felt so good :-)

Today I was out at Lighthouse for some FRC Training. Leif and Nik performend new personal bests of 38m.

In between I did FRCs down to 35m and one „deep static“ dive down to 38m in 3:35 min.

As promised here is a picture of my „painted“ bike.

The last two days Dahab has to deal with quite lot electricity outtakes. It is sooo anoying!

Tomorow my beloved girlfriend arrives at sharm. So no training tomorow.

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