The first Day

// Juni 24th, 2012 // No Limit

After a pleasent flight I arrived in Hurghada quite late. I told the driver to chop chop so I could watch the second half of german game against greece. Just on time when the first goal for germany I arrived at the rezeption.

Sorry Greece :-)

In the morning planed the upcoming week with Matze, the Diving Base Leader and Nik, the Underwater Filmer.

It´s a nice schedule…FRC Training, Freediving Workshop and Underwater Filming at various places.

In the afternoon did my first training with Matze and Birga (Rebreather Specialist from ORCA DIVE) at the diving spot ABU SOMA. The visibility was great and we had good fun underwater. My aim for this training was to get back into the depth, doing FRC Dives down to 21m and getting used to my new Trygon Fluid Googles.

In the evening we had oriental dinner followed by a shisha and watching football.


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