Underwater Filming

// Juni 25th, 2012 // No Limit

Here is my report about yesterday.

Yesterday morning I fixed the innertube of the freediving bouy.

At 12:00 we met with Nik the Underwater Filmer for the first underwater shots at ABU SOMA. The aim was to film a underwater meditation scene.

It took us some time since it was quite difficult the find the right bouyance and position without using a mask.

In the end we got some useable scenes :-)

Right after the shot Matze and I went to the pool to do some static apnea tables.

It was a superb relaxed session. I did 3:00 min breathholds starting with 2:00 breathing. In the end I only had 15 sec. inbetween the 3:00 min breathholds.

It was nice and I barely had contractions.

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