Unlucky Equalisation

// Juli 18th, 2012 // No Limit

On the 16th July I aimed for a 120m Dive. Warm up was good but somehow the equalisation was not working as it should.

In the beginning of the dives I could manage to keep the equalisation up but I had to use more power and pressure than usual.

In around 106m Depth I activated the brake cause the equalisation was not working anymore. A few second I tryed but nothing was working.

When I activeted the valve of the tank most of the air was not going into the ballon. It was going just out of the valve. But after a few seconds the ballon started to lift me up. No Problem. Otherwise I would have activated the second tank.

A bit disapointed I was after that dive cause I aimed so much on the 120m…well somehow somewhere I will manage to do that.

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