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Solid FRCs and bad deep dives

// Juli 25th, 2009 // Kommentare deaktiviert für Solid FRCs and bad deep dives // General

During last days marek had a course – so no deepdive training at blue hole for me.

In the meantime I did some very nice FRCs at Lighthouse. Beside this I managed to do a 3:40 min dive down to 37m. It felt very nice.

Today we went to Blue Hole. The currant was strong and during my dive the rope moved.

At 60m I banged into the inner wall of Blue Hole, ripped my suit and scratched my skin.

Back at surface I was fine but unhappy. I felt like doing a 70m constant weight dive.

Tomorow I´m gonna try again. But I will be more aware during the descent.

Now I´m enjoying the steaks we made :-)

Day Off…

// Juli 21st, 2009 // Kommentare deaktiviert für Day Off… // General

The last nights I could´nt find a good sleep.

Yesterday I spend the whole day painting my motorbike. Its Blue Metalic now…very funky.

The training day today was quite inefficent. Did´nt bring the monofin, so no constant weight training.Tryed free immersion but way to less bottom weight on the line. In the end our training end up doing some underwater bubble rings.

Second Training – Big Step

// Juli 20th, 2009 // Kommentare deaktiviert für Second Training – Big Step // General

The Blue Hole was nice and calm. When we went into the water it was a bit difficult to get the ropes set.After that we needed some time to relax again.

After my warum up dives I went for the proper dive but my ears got stuck.

3 Minutes after that I went for a new try. The dive alarm was set on 60m. After a few kick I was freefalling and it felt very good. Then I the alarm came and I kept falling for another few seconds.

Back at the surface my D3 sayed 68m. Its quite scary how easy my body is adapting to the depth. I like it!!!

First Training Session

// Juli 18th, 2009 // Kommentare deaktiviert für First Training Session // General

It was very hot night and I woke up a few times to drink. I think I really should get a aircon.

At 9am Marek and me went to Blue Hole for deepdive training.

The sea was calm and very nice.

On my first warm up dive my right ear got stuck and I thought that I could´nt go deep today.

After the second dive it was fine and I prepared myself to the first BIG dive.

I felt quite calm and my body felt very good while falling down.

A few seconds after I stoped kicking I already heard the depth alarm. It was set on 55m… I kept on falling down.

The way back felt easy and when I saw Marek I was surprised that I did´nt even had contractions.

Result of that dive 63m in 2:10 min. Pretty Good for the first dive.

In the afternoon we went into the south of dahab for some fishing. I did´nt caught a fish but it was very relaxing :-) Now my fingers smell like the bait.

Now I´m sitting here in El Salam Restaurant and I wait for my girlfriend calling me on skype.

Tomorow we go to Blue Hole again to for a training session. I hope my ears will take me down to 65m tomorow.

Operation 72

// Juli 17th, 2009 // Kommentare deaktiviert für Operation 72 // General

It’s time again.

The call of the BIG BLUE.

Yesterday I arrived in Dahab to train for a new german record in constant weight freediving.

My aim this time: 72m

Since this record attempt is for Charity my Sponsors paying money for each Record Meter to a foundation who supportng explosive and mine victimes.

After my plane arrived in Sharm el Sheikh I saw my friend Mohammed @Faster at the airport…he took me on his taxi to dahab.

One hour later I arrived at my house and got a welcome lunch by the people who use to life in the house. It was very nice.

Today I went to Lighhouse Bay by myself for a few shallow dives. I was back…back into my beloved sea. Even a octopus came by to say hello :-) Later its time for some serious training!

It seems to be a nice hot day in dahab!

PS: Steffi my love – I miss you…hope you will be here very soon!

Human Guinea Pig

// März 24th, 2009 // Kommentare deaktiviert für Human Guinea Pig // General

Yesterday I was invited to an hyperbaric test center. As a human guinea pig the docs tested if and how breathing pure oxygen under physical work affects the bloodstream in the brain during a dive. The result of this test will be important for pure oxygen rebreather divers like Special Operation Divers.


Ice Hockey „on the rocks“

// März 7th, 2009 // Kommentare deaktiviert für Ice Hockey „on the rocks“ // General

Since I´ve started freediving many years ago I had many nice moments underwater and I thought I saw almost everything….I was so wrong!

During the BOOT Show 2009 my buddy and me was invited to join the 3rd Underwater Ice Hockey Woldchampionships. The event was organised by Christian Redl.It was quite less time to find sponsors and we had no time to train. On wednesday night we left to play for our country.

After a 14 hours drive across germany and austria we finaly arrived at lake „weissensee“.

It is a wonderful lake but when we arrived the conditions were quite bad – foggy, wet and snowing.

Underwater it was pitch black.

It was a very interesting experience to dive under the ice.

After a few adapation dives and a few games we were in the final games against austria.

It was a hard fight against the vice worldchampion from last year and in the end austria won the match with 1 point in advance

…Final Result: Austria 10 – Germany 9…

Well, now germany is the proud vice worldchampion in underwater ice hockey and very motivated to win on the next worldchampionsships.




BOOT Show 2009

// Februar 6th, 2009 // Kommentare deaktiviert für BOOT Show 2009 // General

Just came from the BOOT Show 2009 in Düsseldorf.

It was a great weekend where I met a lot of friends from dahab and people from the diving scene all around the world.

At our place we represented the diving units of the german navy.

Target Depth

// Juli 27th, 2007 // Kommentare deaktiviert für Target Depth // General

Yesterday I reached my Target Depth of 72m. The Dive was quite easy but I had to stop at 15m in cause of equalisation problems. This took almost 7 seconds. But then I kept on falling and it felt so good :-)

Today I was out at Lighthouse for some FRC Training. Leif and Nik performend new personal bests of 38m.

In between I did FRCs down to 35m and one „deep static“ dive down to 38m in 3:35 min.

As promised here is a picture of my „painted“ bike.

The last two days Dahab has to deal with quite lot electricity outtakes. It is sooo anoying!

Tomorow my beloved girlfriend arrives at sharm. So no training tomorow.